Buy My Stuff

People often ask if I sell any of my color prints by mail order, and until now the answer has always been "sorta." When it's just me doing it, I have to take the order via email and PayPal, make sure I have packaging stuff, make a trip to the post office, and charge a lot for shipping. It's not great deal for anyone, which is why I typically only sell prints at conventions.

But no more! I've opened an InPrnt store, and made a bunch of my prints available there. That way, you can order directly from them, get a great quality print, pay less for shipping, and not have to wait for me to reply to your email. It's what we call a win-win. (Or a win-win-win? I don't know, there are multiple wins is the point.)

Anyway, you should check it out, and you should definitely buy some prints!